nisabba (nisabba) wrote in babiesjune2006,

14.4 weeks

The July comm. told me there was a June comm., which for some reason, i didn't find on my own. Anyway, we're a bit cuspy, my EDD is June 26th. This is my first pregnancy and I'm barely showing @ 14 weeks. I don't wear maternity clothes, and I don't really intend to, since my biggest months will be in the warmer weather when I can just let it hang out over a skirt, however, I wanted to swim at my gym this winter and I don't think that my thong bikini will be appropriate for that in Feb, at 5-6 mos prego, and for exercise!!! So, I did venture into the maternity store in the mall, Old Navy, and Target and they really don't have any decent swim suits. Does anyone here have any other suggestions, perhaps an on-line store???
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