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New to the community.


My name is Emily, I live in New Hampshire, and I just turned 23. I've been with my husband, Chris, since August 2002 and we've been married since August of 2004. We have a beautiful little boy named Anthony who is 14 months, born October 29, 2004. I found out a few days before his birthday that we're expecting another child. My EDD is June 25, 2006.

As of right now i'm 15w3d. I've been to the doctors a few times and have an ultrasound scheduled about four weeks from now. So far this pregnancy has been pretty different than my first. I had morning sickness all throughout my first trimester this time around and with my first I wasn't sick until my second trimester. Thus far i've actually lost about 7 pounds since i've gotten pregnant. I did with my first one also. My sons heart rate was always in the low 140s and with this one so far its been around 160. So we're thinking this one may be a girl. I guess we'll hopefully find out at the ultrasound.

Well that's it for now. I may post bad in a couple weeks when I have my next doctors appointment. Or sooner if I have any questions or something to share.
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