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Midwife visit

She came to my place about 11:30. There had been some mix up about location and time but at least I got to see her. She also said it is likely that she will come to me more often than not since I have Jonathan and he can be a handle in a strange place. Well she didn't say the last part, just that I had a child. I also live relatively close to her so it is quicker to come here than to drive to the clinic.

So how are things going? My pee looks lovely. I am still praying against gestational diabetes though. Even though I have had no sugar in my urine to date it doesn't mean I can't get it so I have to keep an eye on things. My blood pressure is practically perfect in every way. It was only 120/70 so basically ideal for a person my age regardless of the fact that I am pregnant. Heart rate was 145bpm so that was nice. I am still measuring big. I am presently 19 weeks but measuring 23 weeks. We are wondering if I am really due a month earlier. At this point I deny the possibility of twins. I know there is a chance but I really don't want twins and although I will love them heaps when they are born one would be a lot cheaper for us right now. I go for my scan in less than a week so all will hopefully be revealed then. I hope the baby doesn't have much dignity yet and has their legs wide open so we can tell the sex.
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