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It's a...

~~ GIRL ~~

Well at least the technician said there were 20-1 odds of it being a girl. Baby Jane opened her legs nicely (very unladylike) for us and there was a pretty good view between them. There was no indication of a penis or testes but then they thought Jonathan was a girl too so I will hold my breath a little bit. I am more confident this time though. I just had this feeling.

We are nicknaming her Baby Jane but her full and official name is Danielle Jamie Khoo

As for twins - nope! There was only one in there. We had a good look for a second but they weren't to be found. Seems that my uterus must just not have shrunk down properly after Jonathan because baby is exactly to date.

I will post pics once I (dirtbirdGeoff) extract them from the DVD we took of it all.

So glad that is over!
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