Tash (angelic_1) wrote in babiesjune2006,

Meat Nausea

Well I was going so well in this pregnancy. Nothing except for lettuce salad was making me feel ill and let's face it, we can all do without lettuce salad for a while. Well today I was preparing our dinner. I was making a mince meat dish (you Americans call it ground beef) and What do you know... as soon as the meat hit the pan I was gagging. It is good quality kiwi beef too but that didn't help my tummy at all.

Last pregnancy all I could eat for the first few months and what I preferred from there on in was Burger King. Now I can't stomach the idea of Burger King right now and Geoff's suggested McDonald's and I almost barfed at the mere suggestion so I guess this kid (these kids) are K.F.C type fans. Sheesh! Pregnancy can be expensive if all you can eat is fast food!

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