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It's a GIRL!

I had my "big ultrasound" yesterday. Little babe at 10 oz is doing well, I'm told. Actually measuring at 19w 2d on 19 weeks to the day yesterday. I love when they go around and identify parts at different angles and such...it's like interpreting another language. Some of it I "get" (spine, heart, arms, legs, foot, etc.) but some was just Greek to DH & I. But, still fun. 3D ultrasound is some pretty amazing technology.

My DH thought it was a girl. I had a dream that I actually saw a baby boy in utero. Alas, DH was right...we're having a little girl! We are very excited and DH came up with what may be the perfect name when we were alone in the ultrasound room. Once we decide for sure, I will definitely announce! :)

So, my little three year old will have a baby sister, just like she "requested" when we started talking about the baby. My two girls. :) I can't help but think back to how glad I was when my own sister was born in my family with three brothers.

I haven't scanned the US photos yet but will try to do so this weekend.

I already bought her a new dress over lunch. I'm glad she'll have plenty of wardrobe supplements, however...there were times when I went a little overboard with my first girl.

Now, if I could just get over this lingering cold/sinus thingy, life would be grand.
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